Polar Fleece Blankets

Polar fleece blankets are manufactured using 100% microfiber polyester yarns and are known for being extremely soft, portable and skin friendly. This fabric is exquisite and waterproof to some extent and is a great substitute to high priced blanket products. 

The fleece fabric is knitted on Raschel knitting machines and is known for its exceptional capabilities like warmth, softness, attractive appearance & its moisture wicking properties. 

Raw Fleece is processed & artistically printed with designs provided by Artelia’s Textile Designing Team. It is then stitched to make blanket pieces as per size requirements.

The low unit-price for polar fleece blankets as compared to other alternatives and strong durability make this an attractive product amongst customers. Polar fleece blankets can be made as light as 500 grams/ piece and are extremely portable

Product Details

Polar Fleece Blankets


500g – 2.5kg (customizable)


Double Bed, Single Bed


150-400 GSM

Supply ability

3-4 containers of more per month


Bale or Carton available (PVC bags optional)

✔️ Knitted and soft fabric, embossed (optional), dyed/printed 

✔️Machine washable, wrinkle and shrink resistant

✔️ No Shedding, No Pilling

✔️ Colour Bright and No Fading

✔️ Anti-Static, Anti Dust mite, Anti-bacteria

✔️ Portable, Wearable, Foldable

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