Global Mink Blanket Market

The market size of global plush blankets including mink blankets is predicted to reach $568. 7 million by 2026. The market growth is at 9. 2% CAGR from 2021 to 2026. The market size in 2019 was valued at USD 364.1 million. In 2026, it is estimated to reach USD 568.7 million.

A mink blanket refers to the soft and fluffy feel of the blanket. These blankets are booming in demand owing to their enticing looks and exclusive designs. They are made using synthetic acrylic blends. Mink blankets have nothing to do with real mink fuzz or any other kind of fur. They are woven to feel similar to actual animal mink fur for a soft, warm and comfortable blanket. Previously, mink blankets (also called Raschel covers) were mainly produced using acrylic fibers. Although the fabric is a synthetic acrylic, and not in fact authentic “mink”, they call them mink blankets.

Owing to the growth in the demand for products such as electric, mink, and regular blankets, the worldwide blanket market has been steadily flourishing at a remarkable rate. Over the past few years, the global market has seen a vast transformation with regard to product offerings as well as the quality of products. With evolving demand patterns especially in some of the coldest parts of the world, the global blanket market has been witnessing the appearance of new, trendy, and innovative patterns. 

The global blanket market is set to witness an above-average market rise due to the increasing buyer’s awareness combined with a wide scope of economical offerings and designs accessible in the market.

Plush blankets including mink blankets market size, By distribution channels, 2020-2026

Shoppers are paying a lot of cash to keep their homes warm and protected during winter. The materials used in making mink blankets are skin-friendly and do not cause any skin irritations.  It keeps you from overheating and sweating while sleeping. These blankets are thick and plush yet lightweight. The higher piles lend a far better cushioning effect and enhance comfort.

One of the methods of guaranteeing warmth and solace during winter is the utilization of mink and various types of bedding blankets while sleeping or resting. Some varieties of blankets are additionally utilized for decorative purposes.  Moreover, exclusive features, like machine washable and stain-resistant blankets, which are more friendly and comfortable to customers are gaining more attention in recent years.